Meaning of the 12 Astrological Signs of the Zodiac

A lot of people take huge interest in astrology. Many people are eager to know the meaning of the 12 astrological signs. However, there is more to astrology than just knowing zodiac signs and their meanings. If you are very serious about astrology, you need to know many other things apart from the meaning of zodiac signs.

Everybody knows that the most exciting part of astrology knows the meaning of the different zodiac signs. Your zodiac depends on your date of birth. The zodiac sign dates are based on sun sign, or the position of sun during your time of birth.

Meaning of zodiac signs


aresThe astrological symbol of Aries represents a goat with horns on its head. It signifies strong will and spontaneity.


An astrological symbol that is easy to remember is Taurus. The Taurus sign is represented by a bull. Bull signifies strength, stamina and will.



It is one of the two astrological symbols that are twins. The symbol of Gemini represents balance, flexibility and adaptability. The twin symbol represents a probable duality, making them difficult to predict.


The astrological symbols, Cancer are also represented by an animal. The figure of the sign represents a crab. They love family and home life. They have a tendency to be moody and conservative.



An astrological symbol that can be easily and clearly recognized is that of Leo. The astrological symbol is represented by lion. Leo’s symbol represents power, exuberance and expanse. Naturally, Leo’s are born leaders.


Virgo astrology symbol is represented by ‘the virgin’. Virgo’s are people with whom you would love to chat. They have the power of convincing others with their charm.



Libra’s the astrological symbol is represented by scale. The image very much looks like the scale of justice that you would see in courthouses. The scales in the figure are generally associated with balance. The astrological symbol of Libra is all about justice, stability and equanimity. They are caring and very understanding. They tend to have an introvert nature.


Scorpio is another astrological symbol which can be easily recognized. Just like the name suggests, Scorpio’s astrological symbol is represented by scorpion. Just like scorpions, they cannot be withdrawn for long and they always come back with force, determination and vigor.



The astrological sign of Sagittarius represents the centaur. The symbol signifies the ability to be focused. They have a tendency to be extremely intense at times.


Capricorn astrology symbol is represented by a goatfish. Many people find the symbol to be strange. They are philosophical signs. They are highly intelligent and intuitive. Patience and preservation are another characteristic of Capricorn.


Aquarius is an astrology symbol which is the most discernable. This symbol is always described by figures resembling water. However, the waves on the astrological sign are very easy to remember.


There are two astrological symbols in zodiac that are twins. Pisces is among them. The figure of the astrological image of Pisces is that of a pair of fish. Just like fish, Pisces keep a low profile. They are honest and trustworthy.

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