Spirit Animal Guides – Part 3

Messenger Guide


Of all the Spirit Animal Guides, these are the ones that are in our lives for the briefest period of time. They have one purpose, and one purpose only, and that, as their name implies, is quite simply to deliver a message. Once that message has been conveyed, they’re gone. Messenger Guides don’t loiter about wondering if we’ve “gotten it,” that’s not their Role. They drop off their message like the postal worker dropping off our mail, then they’re on to the next stop along their own journey.

Because of the brevity of their appearance, the Messenger Totem may frequently go by unnoticed by us. This is further complicated by the fast paced world in which we presently live. We’re so connected to our technology that we’ve become disconnected from the natural world. We are often so engrossed in walking around texting our friends, chatting on our cell phones, or likewise “plugged in” all the time, that we forget to look up and around us at the natural world.

Begin to slow your pace when you’re out and about. Instead of taking the time walking from your office building to your vehicle chatting on your cell phone or messaging someone, take in the natural sights and sounds around you. Is there a particular species of bird that is showing up? Did a Squirrel cross your path in a most peculiar manner, or a stray dog capture your eye? These may be Messenger Totems, and if you’re not open to noticing them when they appear, then a vital clue or message may not be received by you.

By beginning to notice the natural world around us once more, we may open ourselves to some wonderful encounters with these splendid Creature Allies and hear the messages they’ve come to impart.

Familial Guides


Have you noticed the traits that run throughout your family that are common between you all? For some, this may be the tendency to be emotional, for others, it may be bossy or demanding. While scientists subscribe these tendencies to mere genetics or ingrained, learned environmental behavior, there may be another, more metaphysical aspect of this as well. This is where the Familial Guide comes in.

For instance, in my own family, we are deeply emotional, compassionate, and sensitive souls with clairvoyant and/or clairaudient abilities. Many of our family members have been drawn toward exploring alternative healing paths or spirituality that exists beyond what is commonly accepted. On the Contrary Medicine expression, we can also tend to be overly self-sacrificing to the detriment of our own well-being.   It so happens that our Familial Guide is Dolphin.

In the example above, some of the keywords to Dolphin Medicine include Compassion, Healing Through Voice and Sound, and Accessing Hidden Realms. Thus, we see how this Familial Animal Guide comes into play for our family.

Look at the traits and characteristics of your own family. Are there common traits that are interwoven between all of you? Despite your differences, there are likely to be a few commonly shared attributes that will leave clues as to what Spirit Animal Guide fills this Role in your own Family Unit.

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