Spirit Animal Guides – Part 2

Mission Guide

As we arrive on the Wheel of Life, each of us has incarnated with a special Mission. This is our life’s special calling, and one of the principle reasons why we’ve chosen to take up the Robe of Physical Life. While others may have a mission similar to our own, no other living being will ever have the exact identical life’s purpose as ours, as the manner through which we express ourself on this journey is special and unique to us.

The Animal Ally that chooses to journey beside us as a Mission Guide will reflect the core principles of our Life Mission. Their strengths and attributes will compliment the Path we’ve chosen on this journey, their Medicine and teachings may provide us with the keys to unlocking the doors toward that mission’s fulfillment.

By becoming aware of our Mission Totem, their attributes, gifts, and even their Contrary Medicine, we come to understand more about the particulars of our life’s work. Equally, through acquainting ourselves with their upright Medicine, we will become empowered and more consciously able to achieve that which we’ve chosen upon incarnating to do.

Theme Guide

As we prepare to enter this wondrous experience of physical life, we discuss with our guides, angels, mentors, and teachers what major and minor life lessons will be most beneficial for our soul’s continued growth and development. Hence, with each incarnation, we will have a series of encounters that will offer us the opportunity to embrace those lessons so that the soul may continue its evolution.

When looking upon our lives from a point of detachment, we can identify an ever present and interconnecting thread which runs throughout all of our major life experiences. For some, it may be the loss of loved ones and the myriad of emotions that this brings. In this example, perhaps they have lost a loved one to cancer when they were young, and this generated within them the desire to find a cure for cancer so that no other family would have to endure the same pain as they did, hence they will grow up and become a scientist that ultimately discovers a breakthrough in treating the disease. As a result, their Life Theme would be that of the Healer and they would have a Life Theme Guide whose principle Medicine would be that of Healing.

For each of us, these intersecting experiences are the strokes of color that create the larger painting of our soul’s present Life Theme. For each us, the painting is individual and unique, its purpose illustrated by the Theme Guide that has chosen to accompany us, and their corresponding Medicine and teachings.

Shadow Guide

While more feared and less understood than our other Spirit Animal Guides, this Creature Ally is just as significant as our Mission or Theme Totems, for it possesses tremendous potential to teach us the hidden truths about ourselves. The deep, dark aspects of our self that we tend to shy away from, or even deny their existence . . . painful emotional trauma, the repository of all of our fears, desires, doubts, and hurtful tendencies. This is our Shadow side, and no matter our standing in society or how “in the light” we walk, we all possess one.

While this Guide has the most potential to generate fear within us because it’s a creature we may find particularly disturbing (such as a Shark or Snake), this is not always the case. Some may even have a very gentle animal as their Shadow Guide, e.g. a domestic cat, and yet be fearful of the Medicine associated with that Creature Being.

In this example, one of the principle keywords for Cat is Magic. If the two-legged with this Shadow Totem has been raised in an atmosphere of intolerance toward either magic or nature-based religions, then their past conditioning may have made them fearful of this Medicine.

Conversely, perhaps they’re more afraid of another aspect of Cat Medicine, such as Independence, as from early childhood, they’ve been conditioned to believe they’re incapable of standing on their own. Hence, the very thought of being single or having to rely on themselves, is a fear that may lead them from one unhealthy relationship to another as they unconsciously follow a conditioned belief that a bad relationship is better than none at all.

Lesson Guide

Where the Theme Guide represents a lifelong series of experiences with a common thread running throughout them, connecting them all together, the Medicine of the Lesson Guide is more transitory in nature and manifestation. And, while the Theme Guide is for the entire present lifetime, the Lesson Totems come and go throughout our life as we absorb the lessons they’ve come to teach.

We may have a singular Lesson Guide that is with us for decades, or for but a short while. Equally, there may be only one Lesson Guide appear beside us at a time, or we may draw several simultaneously. They’ve even been known to leave our lives for a period of time, only to resurface later in our lives as we have revisits on the Medicine they bring.

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