Spirit Animal Guides – Part 1

The Spirit Animal Guides may appear in our lives for a variety of reasons, and hence, manifest through different roles in our lives.

Through the method of Animal Totem readings I was guided to develop more than two decades ago, I’ve come to know them through the various Roles that will be listed below. Please keep in mind, that unless otherwise noted and attributed to a separate author, all writings on this website are by myself both under the name Diana Willoughby and Wolfs Moon, as part of an upcoming book “A Magickal Journey with the Spirit Animal Guides,” and hence, are copyright protected. All information on this Site is for your use, but I ask that if you quote any of this material, you indicate this Site as the source with a link back here.

Solar Guide


This Animal Totem is based upon our birth date, much as our Sun sign is in western astrology. It is the Spirit Animal that governs a particular 30 day cycle, of which there are twelve in total. While the other Spirit Animal Guides are specifically attuned to us directly, the Solar and Clan Totems are based solely upon our date of birth. As such, all individuals born within the same 30 day cycle will have the same Solar and Clan Guides beside them on their journey.

This does not, however, lessen the Role that our Solar Guide plays in our present Earthwalk. We choose to be born under a particular Birth Totem’s rays prior to ever taking up the Robe of Physical Life. Therefore, while its Role may not be as significant as the Power Guide, it provides us with specific strength and weaknesses to assist us in our growth while in flesh.

To discover what Solar Guide you were born under, and to read more about that Creature Being’s significance in your life journey, click the highlighted text above.

Clan Guide

As mentioned above, the Clan Guide is the second of the two Spirit Animal Guides that we select when we choose to be born on a particular day and month. While the remaining Animal Guides choose us, the Clan Totem governs a 30 day cycle, three times throughout the year, with each cycle having the same Clan Guide, yet different Solar Guides.

There are a total of four Clan Guides. Each of these Animal Allies are closely aligned with the Spirits of the Elements, also known as the Elemental Chiefs. These are powerful Spirits that consist of, rule over, and inhabit the elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

To read about what Clan Guide you are governed by, select the highlighted text and you will be redirected to the appropriate page.


Power Guide

This is the Spirit Animal that is our most dominant, constant, and perhaps most significant creature ally, our Power Totem. Unlike the first two Roles we’ve thus far discussed, this Spirit Guide is not based upon the day or month we’re born, but rather, is a reflection of our own eternal soul.

This Creature Being is simultaneously part of us, yet separate. Its presence is not just for our present incarnation, as they are connected to the most profound aspects of our continuous ~self~ which is reborn lifetime after lifetime.

Our Power Guide’s Role on our journey around the Sacred Hoop of Life, is multifarious and complex. They are our ever present ally, our greatest teacher, adviser, and connection to the Blue Road of Spirit and our eternal self. Within them are all of the aspects which we strive to become “more of” in reaching for the best within. Their shadow (or contrary) side is a mirror of our own challenges and internal struggles.

While each of the Spirit Animal Guides are powerful and important, regardless of the Role they play, the Power Totem is unique in that it is the purest reflection of our eternal spark. It is the deepest and ever present thread that connects us to our ancestors, our higher self, and the Divine.

It is through the study of this Animal Guide that we may gain the keenest insight into ourselves. Its attributes serving as a guidepost to our own destiny. They are the compass which may guide us in our path through aligning us to our present incarnation’s ultimate purpose.

To read about the Spirit Allies we’ve already featured, click the previous highlighted text to be navigated to that page. Keep in mind, I will be updating that page monthly, so do check back for periodic updates and new featured Totems.

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