Exercise By the Moon: Best Fitness Routines This Year

phasesHealth, the most important things that anyone has. You need to protect one of the most beautiful gifts that you are bestowed with. There is a famous saying “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost, but if health is lost, everything is lost”. If you are fit, healthy and fine, you will always be able to give quality output of any given task both domestically and professionally. State of being mentally and physically fit is known as living a healthy life.

Simple ways to keep healthy

It will be false if you say that you don’t know how to take care of your body is a myth that you are letting your body and mind belief. But on divergent no one can take care of your body more beautifully other than yourself. Simplest way to maintain your body is to eat proper food and exercise. You should not abuse your body by eating something that is not healthy yet tempting. Always keep in mind, body is like a machine, and food you eat is the fuel to your provide your body and exercise is warming up your body to do a day’s task.

Are you bored and unmotivated?

boredIf you are tired of exercising in the same boring way, then instead of getting de- motivated you can try some innovative ways to get your interest in regularly exercising. Moon can help you to figure out most appropriate regime. Yes, moon with lunar energy can assist you. Because a moon moves with signs, it reflects the eminence of constellations into our mind and body. For example, when Moon is in Aries, you will feel energetic and powerful. This combination rules emotional factors, so kickboxing or punching bags could help you get the anger off at a right place.

A very good combination of Moon and the signs is a new moon on the first day of the year, in Capricorn Constellation. An excellent for realistic routines, as it empowers bones. Workouts that are of high- impact aerobics are the best choice for such a match. A total shocking routine could be taken up during the next full moon; a little surprise like stripper- pole exercise will not be bad for a try.

More about moon and constellations combinations

constellations combinations
New Moon and Pisces is ultimate workout time for dancing as it rules the feet. For Aquarian constellations, swimming a fresher and effective way to put the little calories here and there. Moon in Taurus, helps you to eat healthy which is of prime importance to maintain a healthy body. Ruler of our lungs is Moon in Gemini so some kind of calmed down yoga is good. These are the few strong moon and constellation combinations that you came to know. There are others that you can refer too.

Essence of Moon symbolizes your emotions, responses, and eating habits. Believe it or not but Moon plays an important role in how we behave and live. You need to first know your birth chart according to your astrology. Then only it becomes very easy to identify what suits you best.

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